Agriculture County Executive Committee Member (CECM) Mr Edward Sawe, accompanied by Chief Officer Mr Elphas Kesio alongside Director Agriculture Mr Reuben Seroney on Monday paid a visit to mushroom farmer Eglyne Chepchirchir in Kapseret Sub-County.

Ms. Aggline Chichir was sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce to gain valuable knowledge about mushroom farming in China, making her a pioneering figure in the local mushroom industry.

During the visit, CECM Sawe expressed his appreciation for mushrooms as a lucrative and sustainable business venture citing their high nutritional value, adaptability to limited spaces, short harvest cycles of approximately four months, and their potential as a vegetarian meat substitute. The versatility of mushrooms offers similar benefits to traditional meat while boasting the added advantage of easy cultivation.

He emphasized the importance of prioritizing mushroom production for local consumption before exploring the possibility of exporting them adding that by encouraging domestic consumption, there is a significant potential to boost local economic growth, create employment opportunities, and contribute to food security within the county.

“Her involvement in the industry, as well as her exposure to international best practices, highlights the importance of knowledge exchange and capacity building for local farmers,” said Sawe.

As the agricultural landscape continues to evolve, initiatives such as the sponsorship of individuals like Ms Aggline Chichir, coupled with the encouragement of local consumption, are key to unlocking the full potential of mushrooms in Uasin Gishu County.

With strategic planning and collaboration, the County can become a hub for mushroom production, contributing to both economic growth and improved nutrition for its residents.

The chairman of the National Chambers of Commerce Mr. Willy Kenei and County Coffee officer Nicholas Maritim was among present.