Roads, Transport and Public Works

This department is mandated to improve road infrastructure. The department has a number of sections including:
i)The directorate of roads-

  • Charged with construction, grading, application of gravel and murram, culverts box culverts and bridges.

ii)The directorate of transport.

  • Assisting all the departments of the county on matters of transport.
  • Coordinating the management of fuels.
  • Fleet management of all the vehicles and machinery that belong to the county.

iii)The directorate of public works.

  • Designing and supervising the construction of old buildings for the county.

iv)Fire and rescue section

  • Minimizing the damages caused by fire and other disaster.
  • Sensitization of communities of their safety in their homes, hotels and restaurants.
  • Engaging students and teachers in important safety discussions.



Our Projects

The department has managed to deliver a number of projects. These projects include:

  • Opening up new roads

  • Maintenance of existing roads

  • Grading roads

  • Application of murram gravel

  • Construction of drainage system i.e culverts and bridges


To be the leading institution in the construction and maintenance of government buildings and other public works.


To facilitate the provision construction and maintenance of quality government buildings and other public works for sustainable social economic development.