To address the issue of agricultural transformation and empower young people, the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture Mr. Edward Sawe, with his counterpart for ICT, Eng Lucy Ng’endo, held a meeting on Monday to discuss effective ways to involve young people in agriculture and use technology to bring positive change to the sector.

During the meeting, Mr. Sawe recognized the important role that young people play in shaping the future of agriculture. He emphasized the need to harness their innovative ideas and energy to increase agricultural productivity and address poverty eradication challenges.

According to Sawe, by involving young people in farming, it is believed that a new era of growth and prosperity can be achieved in the agricultural sector.

The CECM Agriculture also reaffirmed his department’s commitment to supporting youth engagement in agriculture.

Eng Ng’endo highlighted the importance of technology in unlocking the full potential of agriculture by emphasizing the need to leverage digital tools, such as mobile applications, precision farming techniques, and data analytics, to attract and engage young minds towards farming practices.

” Utilizing technology in agriculture would not only make farming more efficient and sustainable but also make it more appealing to the youth,” said Eng Ngendo.

Agriculture Chief Officer Mr. Elphas Kesio, encouraged the participants to think outside the box by tapping into the immense potential that lies within the combination of youth and technology in the agricultural sector.

Among the key agendas of the meeting included; the establishment of youth agribusiness incubation centers, providing training programs on agricultural technology, and developing collaborative platforms for knowledge sharing.

Director of Agriculture Mr Reuben Seroney said the collaboration between the two departments shared a vision to involve the youth to hold a great promise for poverty eradication and sustainable development through agriculture.