The Department of Agriculture, Agribusiness, Livestock, and Fisheries, through the Fisheries Directorate, conducted a sensitization exercise on Thursday to educate farmers residing near Kaprobu Dam in Soy Sub-County about the benefits and processes of aquaculture farming.

The event was led by Moiben Sub-County Fisheries Officer Gladys Kiptum. As an experienced expert in the field, she shared details of aquaculture farming, emphasizing its potential as a profitable venture for the local community.

The sensitization exercise aimed to broaden farmers’ understanding of aquaculture farming, introducing them to the techniques, best practices, and requirements necessary for successful fish farming.

Ms. Kiptum highlighted the advantages of aquaculture, such as increased food production, livelihood diversification, and enhanced income generation.

During the event, farmers actively engaged with fisheries officials, eagerly seeking answers to their questions and voicing their concerns.

Many expressed their interest in exploring aquaculture as a means to supplement their existing agricultural activities, recognizing its potential to contribute to the socioeconomic development.

Ms. Kiptum stressed the importance of sustainable practices in aquaculture, emphasizing the need for proper pond management, selection of appropriate fish species, and adherence to good agricultural practices.

She further deliberated on the significance of maintaining water quality, ensuring adequate feeding, and disease prevention in fish farming.

Mercy Ng’ososei, an expert in water quality management, provided guidance on maintaining optimal water conditions, clearing potential hazards from pond areas, and monitoring and controlling water quality parameters and effective predator control strategies.

Improve understanding of fish value addition and market strategies as it covered different approaches to enhance the market appeal and profitability of fish products through smoking, drying, and packaging.

Aquaculture Officer Maureen Cherop and Fisheries officers Joan Kiptum (Ainabkoi Sub-County), Lilian Rop (Soy Sub-County), and Patrick Korir (Turbo Sub-County) were in attendance.