On Thursday morning the Municipality of Eldoret hosted a Citizen Fora at the Municipality Hall engaging a wide range of stakeholders ahead of the conferment of City status in August.

The stakeholders drawn from the banking sector, the Kenya National Chamber of Commers and Industry, the Kenya Association of Manufacturers, the Jua Kali industry, MSMEs, PWDs and other private and public institutions.

Gracing the event, Dr. Janeth Kosgey, the CECM for Lands, Housing Physical Planning and Urban Development highlighted several key initiatives aimed at fostering urban development in the county. She noted that the process of naming and renaming streets is starting in the new year, ensuring that the city’s heritage and modern identity are well-represented. Additionally, she announced that traffic lights, which will improve traffic management and safety will be installed. Emphasizing the broader vision, she stated, “We would like to see urbanisation that is beneficial to our people.” Waziri Kosgey also mentioned the strong relationship with our sister city, which serves as a model for our urban development efforts, providing valuable insights and best practices.

“In his address, Julius Kitur, the Municipal Board Chair, emphasized his vision for the future of Eldoret City. He expressed a strong commitment to urban development and infrastructure improvements, stating, “We aim to make Eldoret City the best city in Kenya comparable to other advanced cities such as Kigali in Rwanda.” Kitur outlined various strategic initiatives focused on enhancing the city’s appeal, functionality, and overall quality of life, drawing inspiration from Kigali’s renowned urban planning and cleanliness. His remarks underscored a proactive approach towards transforming Eldoret into a model city, fostering economic growth, and improving living standards for all its residents.

Tito Koiyet, the Municipality Manager, discussed the upcoming Kenya Urban Support Program 2 outlined how this initiative will encompass a thorough private sector diagnostics alongside urban development projects. Koiyet emphasized the program’s aim to foster collaboration between public and private sectors to drive sustainable urban growth. By engaging private enterprises, the program seeks to identify key areas for investment and innovation, ensuring that urban development is both inclusive and economically robust. This integrated approach is expected to enhance the overall quality of urban life, providing better infrastructure, services, and opportunities for all residents. “A good Example is the PPP proposal that is in it’s final stages for signing which will see a mega solar power plant that will distribute energy to the streetlights and all government buildings in Eldoret City” said Koiyet.

The Bankers Association representatives urged various stakeholders to leverage the robust banking infrastructure in Eldoret City to grow their businesses. During the forum, they highlighted that Eldoret boasts a higher money circulation compared to other cities, presenting a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners. The representatives emphasized the city’s dynamic economic environment, supported by a diverse array of financial services and products tailored to meet the needs of local businesses. By tapping into these resources, stakeholders can secure the necessary capital, manage finances more effectively, and ultimately drive economic growth in the region.

Representatives of persons with disabilities urged the enforcement of regulations to ensure accessibility for all. They highlighted the critical need for inclusive design in public spaces, buildings, and transportation systems. Emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities and mobility, the representative called for stringent measures to be implemented, ensuring that the needs of persons with disabilities are prioritized in urban planning and development projects. This advocacy aims to create a more accessible and inclusive environment, promoting independence and improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Also present during the fora was The Chief officer Cooperatives, Municipality Board Members, Directors and other county staff.