County Cooperative Commissioner Roselyne Rae on Friday led the leadership and management of Kokwatai Cooperative Society to benchmark on Focus Realtors Housing Co-op Society specializing in among other businesses and economic developments, housing.

Based in Runyenjes, Embu County, Focus Realtors Housing Co-op Society helps people with limited income to establish houses at reasonable plans, to solve the housing problems of the members.

Rae challenged Kokwatai to ensure they directly translate what they have learned in expanding their society.

“As we go back, we want to see some aspects of growth and that is through instilling some knowledge that we have picked from them, especially for the growth of your society”

Kokwatai chairman Kipkorir Menjo affirmed members’ commitment to making their entity more vibrant upon implementing the new ideas lauding the county government for always supporting cooperatives through capacity building and benchmarks.

Kokwatai Cooperative Society, based in Moiben Sub County operates a well-established Real Estate Investment initiative, with their impressive growth attributed to the support of the county’s Cooperative and Enterprise Development Fund(CEDF) and capacity-building assistance.

Principal Credit Officer Domtilla Birgen was among the cooperative officers present.