County Chief Officer for Public Service Management, Mr Ambrose Tarus, has called on staff to utilise the free professional counselling session at the Teachers Advisory Committee Centre( TAC Centre).

The counselling centre is a county facility that seeks to address staff mental health issues, enabling them to better manage themselves and their resources. At least 167 staff have been counselled at the facility, in the past three months alone.

The Chief Officer who doubles up as a trained and certified psychologist, is passionate to see to it that county staff live productive lives free of mental stress. Counselling services are quite necessary in a work environment, he says.

“As part of ensuring the centre is as effective as possible, the County is in the process of recruiting five more staff to reinforce the personnel already working there.”

“The County government understands the importance of counselling services and we have expanded a budget to further improve on personnel and the entire facility, “said Tarus.

The CO adds: “The Department of Health in collaboration with the Alcoholic Drinks Control Board offers programs to address these challenges as well. In line with the ongoing staff recruitment, the counselling services extend to new hires for orientation and guidance.”

Furthermore, Tarus emphasised that counselling is crucial for retirees, providing an opportunity for those exiting the workforce to prepare adequately, the caution against retiring unprepared may lead to unforeseen distress or even death, ” said Tarus.

Sister Sebastian Kiragu, a counsellor at the TAC Centre, shared that her encounter over the last three months had 163 staff and 20 growing Sessions totalling 196 Sessions.

Sr. Sebastian has encouraged staff to open up and fostering self-awareness and acceptance is a crucial step towards moving forward. “Problem shared is halfway solved, ” she said.