The County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture, Mr. Edward Sawe, along with Livestock Chief Officer Mr. Nixon Cheplong, hosted Nakuru County Livestock Department officials led by Chief Officer Livestock, Dr. Michael Cheruiyot, for a benchmarking mission on Uasin Gishu’s Subsidized Artificial Insemination Program.

During the visit, CECM Sawe mentioned that Uasin Gishu County’s Cooperative Model, which involves 42 inseminators attached to cooperatives, has been instrumental in carrying out over 1,000 inseminations per month and over 12,000 inseminations annually.

The visit aimed to enhance the genetics of animals, increase milk production, and overall improve the quality of livestock in Nakuru County.

According to CECM, the subsidized Artificial insemination technique has so far improved the genetic makeup of animals across the County.

He emphasized the significance of using cooperatives as a model for inseminators and highlighted that the approach allows for a coordinated effort in providing artificial insemination services, making them accessible, affordable, and of high quality.

Mr. Nixon Cheplong, the Livestock Chief Officer, stressed the positive impact of artificial insemination on the county’s livestock sector.

He stated that this technique has enabled farmers to enhance the quality of their livestock, leading to increased milk production, improved meat quality, and greater overall profitability.

During the benchmarking mission, Dr. Michael Cheruiyot had the opportunity to learn from the county’s successful model and exchange ideas on how to further enhance its artificial insemination program.

Dr. Cheruiyot expressed his appreciation for the county’s accomplishments and commended their efforts in promoting the use of artificial insemination in livestock farming.

Livestock Director Abraham Kiptanui was also present during the visit.