The County Executive Committee Member for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development Dr. Janeth Kosgei, this morning had the honor of representing His Excellency the Governor Dr. Jonathan Bii Chelilim at the celebration by Simba Hills residents of Moiben Sub-County.

The celebrations marks an end of an era as the lengthy pursuit of title since 1969 came to an end.

The residents were jubilant as they have finally secured the title they have long been seeking.

Dr. Janeth Kosgei conveyed the Governor’s heartfelt congratulations and assured them of the county’s unwavering support which has finally bore fruits that saw all 187 members receiving their individual titles.

“Getting this title was not an easy task, we congratulate the committee that went office to office without tiring to get these documents done. The title is a symbol of wealth and an assurance of key developments that will bring change in Moiben Sub-County.
Women played a key role too and we thank them as well for ensuring that the next generation can own the land proudly,” said Dr. Kosgei

Originally held by Indian Settler Simbalalji, Simba Hills land was surrendered to the local settlers in 1969, this marked the beginning of a journey to secure the title to the locals.

The subdivisions began in 1988, and after years of perseverance, they’ve achieved success in 2024.

Dr. Kosgei was accompanied by senior Planner Charles Kimani, Cornelius Kibet and Joyline Maswan and additionally, the team was joined by the area ward administrator Mr. Hobart Tanui.