The Municipality of Eldoret embarked on the second day of a transformative knowledge transfer program facilitated by the Norrkopping Team, renowned for their success in Solid Waste Management.

Erik Gustafsch,head of Ragn-Sells Company , a key member of the team, highlighted the key role of mindset in fostering self-discipline and fostering a community-driven commitment to keeping the environment clean.

Addressing the need for efficient waste management at the landfill, Erik Gustafsch proposed a comprehensive approach. This includes controlled entry and exit points, authorization for personnel, and designated zones for different waste management processes – from truck dropping and sorting to recycling and compaction, resulting in a significant volume reduction

Municipality Manager Mr. Tito Koiyet on his part acknowledged the transfer of skills and knowledge to our staff.

“It’s an honour to learn from those with experience and are ahead of us in development. This transfer of skills and knowledge is an eye-opener. We will come up with a to-do list including the program to change the attitude of our people toward proper waste disposal,” said Koiyet.

“Eldoret is the fastest growing City in Kenya and we need to be ready to accommodate the growth as we become a City not only by name but also by our capacity,” added Koiyet.

The lead team member Fatima Higander insisted on training the mindset; a need to understand our surroundings.

“Our mindset plays a very big role and it should be filled with positive images to better comprehend and appreciate our surroundings,” added the team leader.

The training program’s second day provided a detailed exploration of the entire solid waste management process, showcasing various stages from collection to compaction through slides featuring different machinery and tools.

In attendance were the Norrkopping Team, Director of Branding and Public Relations Faith Seroney, Director Governors Press Sila Terigin and staff from the Municipality of Eldoret.