County Executive for Health Services was among a battery of county officers who responded to a Thursday’s drill of “a plane accident” at the Eldoret International Airport.

The county’s resources, including ambulances and fire equipment, were utilized during the exercise that sought to gauge and stimulate standby readiness to respond to disaster.

The drill aimed to assess the preparedness and coordination of various agencies in responding to such incidents.

Dr. Serem commended the efforts exhibited during the drill, emphasizing the importance of such exercises in enhancing emergency response capabilities.

He acknowledged the teamwork and professionalism demonstrated by the participants, which played a crucial role in mitigating the simulated emergency effectively.

The mock drill provided an opportunity to evaluate existing emergency response plans and identify areas that require improvement.

Dr. Serem highlighted the significance of periodic training and preparedness in ensuring a prompt and efficient response during real-life emergencies.

The active participation of CECM Serem, Chief Officer Dr. Paul Wangwe, Deputy Director of Clinical Services Crispus Masam, and their team further emphasized their commitment to the safety and well-being of the public.

Their presence and involvement in such crucial drills demonstrate the county’s dedication to ensuring the highest standards of emergency response.

Dr. Serem concluded by expressing gratitude to all the individuals and agencies involved in the mock drill.

“Your dedication and professionalism continue to contribute to the overall safety and security of the region,” said the CECM.

According to the County Executive, through continuous improvement and collaboration, the county aims to develop a robust emergency response system that safeguards the lives of residents and visitors alike.