In a significant show of support for the government’s initiative to promote sunflower cultivation, Chief Officer for Livestock Mr. Nixon Cheplong,on Wednesday embarked on a visit alongside Mr. Edward Sawe, County Executive for Agriculture, to a thriving sunflower farm spanning 30 acres.

This visit was part of the government’s effort to encourage sunflower farming as one of the key crops endorsed by the National Government.

During their excursion to sunflower farms in Kuinet Kapsuswa ward, Mr. Nixon Cheplong lauded Mr. Sawe for his proactive involvement and leadership in driving the farmers’ initiative toward sunflower cultivation.

He singled out Mr. Sawe’s farm as a stellar example of successful sunflower farming and commended his unwavering dedication to the cause.

In addition to excelling as a sunflower farmer, Mr. Sawe is also deeply engaged in beekeeping, with over 100 beehives.

Furthermore, Mr. Cheplong urged the residents to emulate Mr. Sawe’s example and embrace the government’s advocacy for sunflower farming, stressing its alignment with Governor Dr. Jonathan Bii’s vision to uplift the farmers’ economy.

He elaborated on the symbiotic relationship between sunflower farming and beekeeping, emphasizing how bees play a crucial role in pollinating sunflower plants, thereby enhancing productivity and honey production.

The government’s push for sunflower farming aims to offer farmers an alternative income source while contributing to the rise in domestically produced edible oils.

According to Livestock director Abraham Kiptanui, echoed by his veterinary services counterpart, Dr. Philip Biama, farmers in Uasin Gishu County now have a tangible example in Mr. Sawe of how successful sunflower farming can transform their livelihoods.

Dr. Biama emphasized that through governmental support and the adoption of best agricultural practices, these farmers are poised to reap the rewards of sunflower cultivation, thereby fostering the growth and sustainability of the agricultural sector.