Effective calibration of planters can have a significant impact on crop yields by ensuring uniform seed distribution and proper plant population, ultimately leading to improved crop health and productivity.

According to Agriculture Chief Officer Mr. Elphas Kesio while on a visit to farmers in Soy Sub-County highlighted the critical role that proper planter calibration plays in achieving optimal results in agricultural production. He noted that many farmers tend to overlook this aspect of farming, which is essential for ensuring accurate seed placement and spacing.

“Planter calibration is a crucial component of farming that is often underestimated. It involves the correct setup of planting equipment such as seeders and planters to guarantee precise seed distribution and spacing,” stated Kesio.

Mr. Kesio also introduced farmers to modern technology which includes a drilling auger that is being utilized for excavating holes for planting coffee under the guidance of agricultural officers. He said that this innovative approach not only ensures precise and consistent plant spacing but also reduces excavation costs by up to 50 per cent, with each hole costing as little as Ksh. 35, making it a cost-effective solution for large-scale farming operations.

County Coffee and Monitoring and Evaluation officers further emphasized the significance of embracing technology to streamline farming processes and maximize yields therefore encouraging farmers to expedite their preparations in anticipation of the upcoming long rains, stressing the importance of optimizing planting and harvest cycles.