The County Government of Uasin, Department of Health services on Friday hosted North Rift Kenya Obstetric and Gynecological Society (KOGs) during the its inaugural annual symposium, with the theme Reproductive Health in the Post COVID era.

The symposium, which took place at a Hotel in Eldoret was graced by Chief Officer for Preventive and Promotive Health, Dr. Paul Wangwe, brought together healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers to discuss the challenges and opportunities that the COVID-19 pandemic has posed to reproductive health.

The event aimed to shed light on the impact of the pandemic on access to reproductive healthcare services, family planning, and maternal and child health.

Dr. Wangwe delivered an engaging keynote speech, emphasizing the urgent need to address the setbacks caused by COVID-19.

He highlighted the importance of innovative strategies to ensure that essential reproductive health services continue to be available to all, even in the face of future.

The key points discussed included importance of governance in reproductive health, transformational leadership practices, enhancing access to R
reproductive health services and strengthening health systems

Dr. Wangwe emphasized the crucial role of governance in addressing reproductive health challenges. Good governance practices ensure that policies and programs are effectively implemented, resources are allocated appropriately, and accountability mechanisms are in place.

It was highlighted that strong governance is necessary to achieve the desired reproductive health goals.

Dr. Wangwe provided a valuable understanding of how these factors contribute to a comprehensive approach towards reproductive health.

According to Dr. Wangwe It is crucial for health professionals to implement effective governance practices and embrace transformational leadership to ensure the well-being of individuals and communities in terms of reproductive health.

The participants had the opportunity to engage in dynamic discussions and share their experiences and research findings in the realm of reproductive health.