The collaboration between the Municipality of Eldoret and the Norrkopping Municipality of Sweden continues to make significant step towards enhancing waste management practices.

During the workshop on Wednesday that covered various aspects of Solid Waste Management, including street sweeping, waste collection, transportation, and proper practices for landfill disposal, Miss Tora Strandberg highlighted the crucial role of culture change in solid waste handling and disposal.

“For our Municipality to succeed in proper solid waste handling and disposal, instilling a cultural shift is essential. We aim for people to adopt these practices voluntarily, without the need for strict enforcement,” emphasized Strandberg in her presentation.

She stressed the importance of a sustained campaign to maintain the cleanliness of Eldoret.

Additionally, she urged individuals to educate their children, both in schools and at home, about responsible solid waste disposal.

Municipality Manager Tito Koiyet acknowledged the necessity of initiating a cultural change among city dwellers regarding littering.

“Our approach should begin with small steps towards building a culture among city residents and our children. Through this, we can achieve a consistently clean city,” remarked Koiyet.

Erik Gustafsson highlighted the significance of setting both short and long-term objectives for landfills.

“Both private collectors and the Municipality must establish objectives that span different time frames to ensure the ongoing cleanliness of the city. Effective control and record-keeping at the dumpsite are crucial for planning and raising awareness about landfill capacity,” Erik recommended.

“We must prioritize the well-being of landfill workers. Controlling fires at the landfill is essential to prevent air pollution, benefiting those living in the vicinity. Additionally, protecting the nearby river from pollution is crucial for the downstream communities,” emphasized Petterson.