The Chief Officers, Dr. Paul Wangwe (Promotive and Preventive Health) together with Dr. Joyce Sang (Clinical Services), hosted a representative from Mudavadi Memorial Foundation Trust Fund and another from the Ushiriki Wema Initiative at CECM Office to plan an upcoming event scheduled for 8th March 2024.

During the event, it was disclosed that Uasin Gishu County will receive incubators to support pre-term babies and improve the neonatal care services offered in the region.

Okoa Malaika is a program that was launched by the Ushiriki Wema Initiative, in collaboration with the Mudavadi Trust Fund to provide pre-term aid to newborns across the country.

The program involves the distribution of incubators and baby blankets to healthcare facilities.

Dr Wangwe expressed the importance of the Okoa Malaika program in saving the lives of pre-term babies in the county.

He highlighted the need for specialized equipment, such as incubators, to provide the necessary care and support to these vulnerable newborns.

The initiative will not only enhance the healthcare services available but also contribute to reducing the infant mortality rate in the region.

The event, set to take place on 8th March, will feature the presence of Tesi Mudavadi, the spouse of the Prime Cabinet Secretary, and the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs.

Additionally, six other selected counties will also attend the event, further expanding the reach and impact of the Okoa Malaika program.

Dr. Joyce Sang emphasized the importance of the program in providing comprehensive healthcare services to pre-term babies.

She highlighted the role of preventive health measures and the need for clinical expertise in saving the lives of these newborns.

Director Dr Sarah Kipkulei was also present during the meeting.