In a strategic move aimed at transforming the agricultural sector in the County, Governor Dr Jonathan Bii on Tuesday launched the distribution program of high-value crops in Moiben Sub County where he called on the residents to enhance crop diversification and sustainable farming practices.

Affirming the pivotal role of agriculture as the foundation of development, Dr Bii noted that his administration has prioritized the distribution of high-value crops to catalyze positive changes in the agricultural landscape.

“With agriculture positioned as a key pillar of my administration, the ongoing distribution program is a proactive approach towards harnessing the potential of high-value crops to unlock new opportunities and improve the livelihoods of farmers,” said Dr Bii.

The County Boss highlighted the potential of Moiben in coffee cultivation due to the favourable weather conditions that make the region conducive for coffee farming.

” With a rich agricultural heritage and a history of coffee production, Moiben stands out as a prime area for expanding coffee cultivation and maximizing yields

… currently, Moiben boasts 216 acres dedicated to coffee cultivation with 176 farmers actively involved in the process, representing 15 per cent of the total agricultural land,” added Dr Bii.

The distribution of high-value crop seedlings aims to bolster these existing efforts and encourage more farmers to venture into coffee farming, capitalizing on the region’s agricultural potential and paving the way for increased production and market opportunities.

Area Member of County Assembly Hon David Keitany noted that as the distribution program unfolds in Moiben, the County remains committed to supporting farmers, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and driving innovation in the agricultural sector.

He said “The focus on crop diversification, particularly in high-value crops like coffee, avocado and pyrethrum is a forward-thinking approach towards enhancing food security, increasing productivity and building a resilient agricultural economy,”

Agriculture County Executive Edward Sawe challenged the residents to venture into high-value crops that will empower them due to land fragmentation that is affecting many people.

Present were Chief Officers; Elphas Kesio (Agriculture), Nixon Cheplong (Livestock), Ruth Samoei (Cooperatives) and Jelagat Tirop (Sports).