Clinical Services Chief Officer Dr. Joyce Sang on Tuesday visited the Burnt Forest Sub-County Hospital to assess its daily operations and inspect the ongoing construction of the hospital and ICU unit.

This reflects Governor Dr. Jonathan Bii’s commitment to ensuring the efficient functioning and development of healthcare facilities in the County.

During her visit, Dr. Sang expressed her appreciation for the work done by the contractor, commending their dedication and attention to detail, noting that the progress made so far was commendable.

Dr. Sang emphasized the importance of providing quality healthcare services to the residents of the county, and this newly constructed unit will undoubtedly contribute to achieving that goal.

She assured the residents that there were sufficient supplies of drugs in the county and urged them to take advantage of the services provided at the Burnt Forest Sub-County Hospital.

“I want to emphasize the importance of utilizing local healthcare facilities instead of relying solely on referral services,” said Dr Sang.

The Chief Officer encouraged residents to take advantage of the healthcare services available hoping to alleviate the burden on referral centers and provide more accessible healthcare options for the community.