The construction of 64 Stadium located at Eldoret West is ongoing and is at 72.5 percent to completion.

Ongoing works for various sections currently taking shape with the field having grass maintenance and and preparation for laying of running track.

The survey works for the construction of a sewer line at the stadium which is crucial for ensuring the efficient integration of the new infrastructure into the existing ELDOWAS sewer system. Surveyors are assessing the topography and soil conditions, identifying potential challenges and optimal routes for the sewer line.

Accurate measurements and detailed mapping will guide the construction process, minimizing disruptions and environmental impact. Additionally, the survey will consider factors such as utility lines, ensuring a seamless connection to the main sewer.

This comprehensive survey approach aims to lay the foundation for a robust and well-integrated sewer system, vital for effective waste management in the vicinity of 64 Stadium.

Reinforcement works at the VIP podium will ensure a stronger structure to enhance its durability and safety. The process typically includes reinforcing columns, beams, and foundations to meet or exceed building code standards.

The goal is to ensure the VIP podium can withstand various loads and stresses, providing a secure environment for VIP events and activities. The use of high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship in reinforcement works contributes to the longevity and structural integrity of the VIP podium, meeting the highest standards of construction and safety.

Electrical and plumbing works are on their second fixes currently as internal wallings of the first and third floors are being done.

When completed, the 64 Stadium with a capacity of 12000 will bring to life the sporting activities in Eldoret City.