Trade and cooperatives are critical to our prosperity. They fuel economic growth, support job creation, raise living standards and help provide affordable goods and services. In recognition of this fact, I commit as follows:

  • Create a friendly business environment for traders through provision of security in business centers
  • Use the sub-county development model to drive local economic development, including townships and villages, based on comparative and strategic advantages
  • Ensure Small and Medium Enterprises join SACCOS.
  • Develop a flexible license payment plan for youth and vulnerable groups Start-Ups
  • Place traders’ stalls on strategic and appropriate streets in consultation with representatives of membership-based organizations of informal traders.
  • Develop fresh produce markets and promote the sale of foodstuffs in townships and community owned stores
  • Establish Uasin Gishu County Economic Forum which will create a platform for all business stakeholders to share ideas on the best business models that will accelerate trade and entrepreneurship for economic transformation of the County
  • Establish a marketing database website for locally produced goods and services
  • Market Uasin Gishu as an Economic Hub both locally and internationally through lobbying of investment partnerships
  • Enhance cooperative revolving fund to enable most of the trader’s access to affordable business funds
  • Build a robust cooperative movement through capacity building and resource mobilization
  • Optimize Uasin Gishu County Cooperative Enterprise Development Fund Act 2019 to streamline the fund management.
  • Encourage small and medium enterprises to borrow money from Saccos and cooperatives to expand their trade.
  • Provide continuous Monitoring and Evaluation of existing Saccos to address existing gaps and challenges.
  • ¬†Establishment of village based Open Markets and Agro processing centers to promote cottage industries in wards and small centers
  • Collaborate with local and international investors to revamp vibrant industries within Uasin Gishu such as Ken Knit, Rupa Textile etc.
  • ¬†Promote the development of industrial estates at strategic locations in
    the County
  • Promote the Jua-Kali sector by marketing their products both locally and Internationally
  • Promote linkages for funding for small industries.

Goverment Jobs Fecilities: