The growth of our economy is dependent on reliable infrastructure to connect supply chains and ef´Çüciently move goods and services from one point to another. In line with this, I will do as follows:

i. Ensure that priority projects as requested by the communities are prioritized and implemented fully
ii. Revamp the road inspection unit through legislation to ensure all county roads are done to the required quality and standards
iii. Prioritize the awarding of tenders/contracts to local contractors with special focus to the youth, women and persons with disability centers and estates in the county to spur a 24-hour economy.
iv. Ensure timely payments to all contractors upon evaluation and approval by the inspection
v. Provide street lights in shopping centers and estates in the county to spur a 24-hour economy
vi. Upgrade and maintain all roads networks within the County to all weather standards
vii. All road maintenance to be devolved to ward and Sub County level
viii. Explore the use of renewable energy to avoid over-reliance on grid energy

Goverment Jobs Fecilities: