Education is an extremely important ingredient in human development. It shows us the importance of hard work and, at the same time, helps us grow and develop. It shapes the way we perceive life and shape a better society to live in by knowing and respecting rights, laws, and regulations.
As a believer in education, I believe that youth, sport, culture and tourism are powerful agents to create social change, generate legacy benefits for communities and positively inuence economic freedom.

I will deliver as follows:

i. Enhance bursary program by increasing allocation of funds to each ward
ii. Provide sufcient learning materials, expand access to ECDE education, complete ECDE center sand Improve terms of service for the ECDE teachers
iii. Expand Libraries/E-learning resource centers across the county to improve reading culture and literacy through partnership with the local communities, the KNLS and other partners to improve access to learning.
vi. Establish centers of excellence in all the sub-counties (VTCs & TVETs) to enhance skill training and improve competitiveness of our youth in the job market
v. Initiate an annual Expo for TVETs to encourage enrollment
vi. Establish a diaspora liaison office and source for exchange programs for graduates internationally and locally to enable them enhance their acquired skills.

i. Establish a County Youth Service
ii. Ensure adherence to the 30% procurement rule where County tenders will be awarded to Youth & Women through AGPO
iii. Create a functional revolving fund for youth in business modeled along the National Uwezo Fund to ensure accessible, affordable and responsive financing for empowerment.
iv. Establish fully equipped youth centers with free WiFi and relevant digital facilities in all Sub Counties where youth will be accessing government information and opportunities
v. Create a County Skills Data Base to facilitate placement of qualified youth to available job vacancies
vi. Establish a County Incubation Center for Research and Innovation.

i. Establish an annual Governor’s Tournament
ii. Lobby the National Government to complete Kipchoge Keino Stadium
iii. Complete the 64 Stadium to International Standards and incorporate a hall of fame to preserve the athletic history
iv. Complete and operationalize the high altitude Training Complexes under construction
v. Build an international sports talent academy for talent development and export.

i. Integrate tourism circuit to cover sports, agriculture, medical tourism and bird watching
ii. Rehabilitation, conservation and dredging of all dams as tourist attraction sites with beautiful nature sceneries, ideal for birds, hippo watching, boating, and sport fishing
iii. Market Uasin Gishu as a Tourist Attraction Destination.

i. Liaise with National Museums of Kenya to gazette and protect historical artifacts
ii. Promote, Protect and Preserve Cultural Heritage, Customs and Values through establishment of a cultural museum in Uasin Gishu County
iii. Organize Annual Cultural Festivals to promote peace and unity in diversity.

i. Establish a functional County rehabilitation center for drug and substance abuse management.
ii. Establish a functional resource center for PLWD in every Sub County.
iii. Establish a well-equipped school for children Living with Disability.
iv. Create a PLWD Fund to encourage entrepreneurship and reduce dependency.


Goverment Jobs Fecilities: