Water, Irrigation, Sanitation, Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change

CECM: Dr. Kotut Sam Kipkemboi Kogo

CO Water, Irrigation and Sanitation: Elijah Koech
CO Energy, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change: Mary Kerich
Director Water, Irrigation and Sanitation:  Stephen Barno
Director Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change: Kipchumba Barno
Director Energy: Dr. Silas Letting
Director Administration : Erastus Kerich



To ensure affordable safe water, sanitation services, clean, safe and healthy environment for all.


  • Ensure that 60 per cent of households in Uasin Gishu have access to piped water by the year 2024

  • Ensure that all ECDE schools and health facilities have access to clean and safe water

  • Rehabilitate all water catchment sites and spring protection

Achievements Water, Irrigation and Sanitation

1. Entered into partnership with Culligan International to develop water treatment systems in eight (8) water sources. The MoU has been signed and we are working with the National Government to ensure projects are financed and implemented.
2. Desilted three dams while others are ongoing. These include Leltot and Karima/kimuruk dams in Olare/Ainabkoi and Kapsang dam in Ziwa.
3. Operationalization of Uasin Gishu Rural Water and Sanitation Company to improve efficiency in the operation and maintenance of water supply projects across the county. Registration is expected to be done as soon as the County Assembly approves the Bill.
4. Eight (8) boreholes have been equipped with solar pumping systems, fitted with storage tanks and a pipeline distribution network established. These include the Kaplessa boreholes, Kabianga borehole in Kapkures, Mukunga Borehole in Moi’s Bridge among others.Five water projects, including Aturei in Simat/Kapseret, have so far been commissioned in this financial year.
5. There are also 69 water projects which have just been commissioned and are ongoing at different locations in the county. A number of projects are also still at procurement stage. Eight boreholes have been drilled and will be equipped with appropriate pumping systems to ensure water reaches the beneficiaries. These are Lessos: Ngeria Ward Kapgideon: Moiben Ward Koitebes: Cheptiret/Kipchamo Ward Koshin/Ngara: Ngeria Ward Kapyemit (Kapkeben): Kapsaos Ward Kapchorua: Tarakwa Ward Matunda Primary: Kapkures Ward-ongoing Chebii Primary: Cheptiret/kipchamo-ongoing.
6. The rehabilitation of the Burnt Forest water supply system is currently underway. Once completed, this will ensure that water is supplied to Burnt Forest Town.
7. Spearheaded the clean up of River Sosiani and the restoration of encroached riparian lands, including the Mangula area.
8. We have initiated the Participatory Climate Risk Assessment (PCRA) process in order to develop a County Climate Change Risk Profile.
9. We have made efforts to conserve Marura swamp, which is a crucial source of nourishment for Chepkoilel River. Despite the dry season, over 500 indigenous trees were planted in the area during World Wetlands Day.
10. Additionally, we have conserved the Kimuri dam through planting of indigenous trees, and 1000 seedlings planted at Kimuri Primary to mark World Water Day.

Achievements Energy

1. Extension of street lighting in the CBD and Peri-Urban Areas. Currently with an installed base of 10,352 street lights, 32 high mast floodlights and 36 flood lights. Over 600 street lighting installation ongoing in 14 Wards
2. Operation and maintenance of all existing street lights in the County 2. Partnership with the National government (NG-CDF) and World Bank continues to light up informal settlements.
3. Connection to over 300 households to electricity through transformer installation and densification program in various Wards.
4. Continued promotion of the use of clean and renewable energy. More emphasis on use of solar energy in street lighting and public buildings. Partnership with external stakeholders to install smart solar streetlights.
5. Promotion of biogas use planned from next financial year. Impacts/ Outputs Street lighting ensures that security is improved thus enhancing productive hours hence improving the economy. Transformer installation/maximization program has connected more families to grid power hence saving on our environment and working towards 100% electricity connection to households by 2030.

Achievements Environment and Climate Change

1. Establishment of climate change mitigation measures
2. Initiated a climate change Risk Assessment Report (PCRA)
3. Developed a County Climate Change Action Plan (CCCAP)
4. Established Ward Climate Change Planning Committee (WCCPC) to manage climate change activities.
5. County Climate Change Unit 6. County Climate Change steering and Climate Change Planning committees formed.
6. Tree growing activities with a target of 5m for the FY 2023-2024 are ongoing to increase forest cover.
7. Conservation, protection, and restoration of water catchment areas such as wetlands and springs.
8. Control and regulation of noise pollution within the CBD and Peri-Urban areas
9. Air pollution control 10. Provision of improved sanitary services within CBD and townships.
11. Upgrading Eldoret arboretum
12. Regulated tree harvesting with zero harvests of indigenous trees as a way of environmental conservation.
13. Master plan developed on the operations and maintenance of centuries.