County Executive Committee Member for Public Service Management Elijah Kosgey has lauded the LapFund for their efforts in training staff who are yet to retire in two years.

The pre-retirees were trained on how to manage and use their resources after retirement.

“Exercise discipline, especially after retirement, accept retirement as it is part of what is expected,” said Kosgey.

CECM Kosgey emphasised the need to exercise proper social interaction within the community and environment to help ease cooperation with the members of society in general.

Dr. Vincent Bosire from Kenya School of Government appreciated the efforts of the County Government in assisting the target group with preparation for retirement.

“I would love us to engage in the topic of managing the transition from government, as a government, the institution is mandated to coach you on how to work for the government,” he said.

Dr. Bosire noted that the process of retirement is something one must accept. “During coaching in your time, I want you to accept and change your mindset from public service soon or later.”

“I also want you to begin getting used to the change of management since when you retire, you switch bosses from the one who hired you to the one who married you, ” he said.

A total of 89 pre-retirees were trained.