The County Government of Uasin Gishu on Tuesday hosted the National Biosafety Authority, who are currently engaged in conducting public awareness campaigns on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in preparation for their introduction in Kenya.

Chief Officers, Mr. Elphas Kesio (Agriculture), Mr. Nixon Cheplong (Livestock), Directors Reuben Seroney, and Dr. Philip Biama were among those present at the event.

Mr. Kesio in a sentiment echoed by his counterpart for Livestock emphasized the county’s dedication to ensuring food security for its residents.

They reiterated their commitment to supporting the government’s efforts in creating a hunger-free nation. This commitment is crucial in addressing the challenges of food security and ensuring that the population has access to safe and nutritious food.

According to Mr. Kesio, GMOs have been a subject of debate due to their potential benefits in increasing crop yields, improving resistance to pests and diseases, and enhancing nutritional content.

Stakeholders have also been requested to help promote understanding of GMOs, facilitate informed decision-making, and create a supportive environment for the sustainable adoption of GMO technology in Kenya.

During the meeting, the Director for the NBA, Mr. Nehemiah Ng’etich Kiptoo, emphasized the importance of educating stakeholders, particularly farmers, on why they should embrace the introduction of GMOs to enhance agricultural productivity and ensure food security.

Mr Ng’etich highlighted that GMOs have undergone rigorous testing and have been proven safe for consumption. Several countries across the globe have already adopted GMOs in their agricultural practices, with examples including South Africa with GMO fish, Argentina and Brazil with GMO maize, Canada and Colombia with GMO crops, China and the USA with GMO papaya, Brazil and Indonesia with GMO sugar cane, the USA with GMO apples, Costa Rica with GMO pineapples, and Australia with GMO sunflowers.