Youth must turn up and participate in governance public forums so they can agitate for plans that benefit them.

The Constitution of Kenya gives the public powers to contribute and decide on programs and projects that are to be undertaken by both the county and national governments.

Chief Officer for Youth Affairs and Sports, Nahum Jelagat, says it is therefore crucial for the youth to attend public participation exercises so that they can have their voices heard.

According to the CO, the government has focused on the youthful generation and thus, the segment must catalyze the re-engineering of programs to suit them.

The Chief Officer spoke on Tuesday as she hosted the leadership of Kenya Youth Organization (KYO), a youth-led association that focuses on, among other programs, climate action.

The CO also urged them to explore business opportunities abound in Eldoret town, this way they can benefit and access government loans for trade. The County Government takes youth as a pivot to societal development, through the slogan, Vijana ni Nguzo, Tuwakuze.

Henry Mukolwe, the Director for Administration at the Sports Department, said the youth need to take advantage of the many programs available to them.

Stephen Tanui, the chair of KYO said the organization focuses on creating awareness on the effects of drug and substance abuse as well as climate action. The organization is working on establishing a tree nursery.