Inspired by Governor Dr Jonathan Bii’s second pillar of governance, the County Government of Uasin Gishu has made significant strides in advancing public health initiatives aimed at safeguarding the well-being of the residents.

Speaking during a meeting with the County Health Management Team, Health Services County Executive Dr Abraham Serem announced cautionary measures against Hepatitis A, a food and water-related disease associated with hygiene and is prevalent during the ongoing rainy season and flooding.

Dr. Serem emphasized the importance of raising awareness about Hepatitis A and other food and waterborne diseases among the residents.

“We have launched sensitization programs to educate the community on the risks associated with these diseases and we urge you to prioritize hygiene practices and avoid the consumption of herbal medicines, which can have adverse effects on the functionality of vital organs,” said Dr Serem.

On her part, Clinical Services Chief Officer Dr Joyce Sang raised concern about the potential transmission of Hepatitis A and other infectious diseases in herbal saunas, attributing the lack of hygiene and inadequate dressing gear as contributing factors.

She said, “There is a need for stringent hygiene protocols in communal facilities like saunas to prevent the spread of diseases and protect public health,”.

Director of Health Services Dr Evans Kiprotich highlighted the symptoms associated with Hepatitis A, such as yellowing of the eyes and pain on the left side as indicators for early detection and prompt medical intervention therefore emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and treatment to prevent complications and further transmission of the disease.

Governor Bii’s Nguzo Kumi blueprint prioritizes public health initiatives and proactive measures to address prevalent health challenges within the County by focusing on disease prevention, health education and community engagement to protect residents from infectious diseases therefore enhancing the healthcare practices.