Health Services

The Department of Health Services is headed by the County Executive Committee Member Dr. Kipkemboi Sam Kottutt with two Chief Officer Mrs Joyce Sang in-charge of Preventive and Promotive Health and Dr.. Paul  Wangwe Ongeti Clinical Services. It is made up of three sections that include; Planning and Administration, Preventive and Promotive Health  and Clinical Services.

This department has three Directors and their Deputies including:

  1. Evans Kiprotich – Promotive and Preventive Health
  2. Ronald Rotich deputised by Crisspus Massam-Clinical Services
  3. Sarah Kipkulei deputised by Richard Cheserek -Planning and Administration


The department is mandated to provide quality healthcare to the residents through quality, efficient and effective healthcare services that are affordable and accessible.

Core Values

  • Patient Centered

  • Quality of Care

  • Universality


 Improvement of nutrition indicators from 50% to 80%.  Administration of immunization which have improved due to sensitization of mothers.  Establishment of preventive, promotive and clinical services through Nguzo Kumi which has initiated; a) Revival of Revolving Fund Pharmacy b) Enhance health products and diagnostics c) Nutrition through school milking program. d) Establishment of call centre which is 0754646464


 Free vision screening done once per week  Mental health and rehabilitation for alcoholics through partnership  Construction of Turbo Sub County Hospital in Tiret


 Identification and upgrading of 30 Ward hospitals  Enhancement of laboratory and diagnostics centre through the introduction of drones  Establishment of day care for school going children through partnership with Kidogo Africa which connects the county department with school going children.