The County Department of Livestock Development and Fisheries and Cooperative and Enterprise has called upon the residents to utilise the county-constructed milk coolers to bulk their milk.

As part of this initiative, Kapkeben Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS) in Kiplombe Ward, Turbo Sub County has witnessed a remarkable increase in daily milk collection, this is a result of a campaign that lasted for a month.

Kapkeben FCS has seen a sharp rise of milk up to 370 litres up from 12 litres in July.

Speaking during the commissioning of the Kapkeben Farmers Cooperative Society FCS milk cooler, Livestock Chief Officer Mr. Nixon Cheplong, said that Under the leadership of Governor Jonathan Bii, the Department has been at the forefront in championing the utilisation of the milk coolers by the residents.

Cheplong said that his department is actively involved in educating farmers on the proper welfare and production practices of dairy cows therefore assisting farmers improve their milk yields and quality.

The Chief Officer also noted that through vaccination campaigns and regular health checkups by the County extension officers, the department has significantly reduced the occurrence of diseases, a move that has not only safeguarded the livelihoods of farmers but also ensured the availability of safe and healthy dairy products for consumers.

“As a department, we are working hand in hand with the Department of Cooperatives to encourage farmers to join Coop Societies for them to be able to pool their resources and collectively market their products,” says Cheplong.

Livestock Development Director Mr Abraham Kiptanui said that the efforts made by the Department in promoting sustainable farming practices have encouraged farmers to make use of the coolers.

” With the rise in daily milk production you can negotiate better prices with milk processors, thereby securing higher profits,” says Kiptanui.

Moreover, the increased milk collection has also enhanced the cooperative’s reputation and market standing thus attracting various processing companies.