The County Government of Uasin Gishu in partnership with NAVCDP County Project Steering Committee on Monday held a meeting to discuss the plans for rolling out the farmers’ registration program.

The meeting, which took place on Monday, also involved the selection of successful applicants for the position of senior supervisors, supervisors and enumerators who will oversee the registration process.

During the meeting, CECM Sawe expressed his enthusiasm for the farmers’ registration program, highlighting that it will create numerous opportunities for the county. By registering farmers, the county will be able to gather important data about agricultural activities and better understand the needs and challenges faced by farmers in the County.

Chief Officers Elphas Kesio (Agriculture), Nixon Cheplong (Livestock), Elijah Koech (Water) and Ruth Samoei (Cooperative) were present during the meeting.

Their participation emphasized the importance of collaboration between different sectors in ensuring the success of the farmers’ registration program.

The farmers’ registration initiative is a crucial step in promoting agricultural development in the county.

Agriculture Chief Officer Mr. Elphas Kesio emphasized the need for capturing accurate data about farmers for the county to be able to tailor its agricultural policies and interventions to the specific needs of the farming community.

“This will lead to increased productivity, improved access to resources and markets, and overall growth in the agricultural sector,” said Kesio

The selection of senior supervisors, supervisors and enumerators during the meeting is a significant milestone in the implementation of the registration program.

These individuals will play a pivotal role in overseeing the process, ensuring that it is conducted smoothly and efficiently.

Their expertise and guidance will be crucial in ensuring that farmers are properly registered and the data collected is accurate and reliable.

The NAVCDP County Project Steering Committee Meeting marks a proactive and strategic approach by the county government in promoting agricultural development.

NAVCDP project coordinator Mr Cosmas Lang’at said that the farmers’ registration process will involve the collection of various data points, including the farmer’s name, contact information, farm size, and crops grown among others.

The coordinator assured farmers that their personal information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and used only for the purpose of improving agricultural practices and providing targeted support.

Directors Dr. Philip Biama (Veterinary), Reuben Seroney Agriculture and Abraham Kiptanui (Livestock) Deputy Director Agriculture Ismael Asowa were among those who attended the meeting.