President Dr William Ruto has reiterated his government’s intention to strengthen devolution by ensuring all devolved functions are transferred to counties. The head of state says this will be complete in the next 60 days.

Speaking on Tuesday as he officially opened the 2023 Devolution Conference in Eldoret, Dr Ruto said that he will fast-track the transfer of the functions to devolved units.

“We recognise that the bottom-up economic agenda will achieve the highest potential and lift the highest number of people if we focus thoroughly on collaboration with county governments to empower them as the stewards of development at the grassroots level,” President Ruto reiterated.

He added that under the principle of subsidiarity, the ward must in time become the driver of bottom-up economic transformation and that he is also committed to taking devolution to its fullest extent.

The Chairperson of the Council of Governors Ann Waiguru and her hosting Governor, Jonathan Bii, thanked President Ruto for his commitment to supporting devolution.

“We have agreed with the senate to work in harmony for the success of devolution, “Governor Waiguru said

Governor Waiguru reiterated that Since the inception, of devolution, the number of health facilities has doubled to 13,723 across the entire country.

While giving his speech, Governor Bii said the county has seen tremendous progress in different sectors like sports and agriculture due to devolution.

Governor Bii said education, infrastructure and health are the spirit of devolution transients with unmatched vigour, our county is renowned as an agricultural hub and has always stood as a home of prominent farmers and world record runners.

“Let us acknowledge the transformative power of devolution and extent my appreciation to President Ruto for his support for devolution,” said Governor Bii.

The county head emphasised the importance and commitment of collaboration and unity under devolved units working with the national government to ensure they achieve the expectations of the people.

“Devolution is indeed working, education, health, and infrastructure are among the cornerstone on which the future of our nation rests, in Uasin Gishu county.”

“We have witnessed this sector flourish under devotion. An example is the school feeding program which has seen the locally known “Maziwa ya Koti Moja” lead to an increase of pupils ratio to 40 per cent growth in our ECDE schools in Kapseret sub-County alone,” Governor Bii noted.

The county infrastructure projects have redefined connectivity, and well-maintained roads and modern transport have turned Uasin Gishu into an economic hub within the wider North Rift region.

Uasin Gishu has continued to flourish as the best place to invest, work and live and devolution is a collective journey that will benefit future generations if well nurtured.