The Ministry of Health Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha Wafula on Thursday unveiled the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) Eldoret Sports Science Research Centre which will act as a regional office for the north rift region.

The state-of-the-art facility is set to revolutionize the field of sports science and contribute significantly to the advancement of sports medicine in Kenya.

Speaking while officially unveiling the office, Nakhumicha noted that KEMRI is renowned for its groundbreaking research in various medical fields, and the establishment of the Sports Science Research Centre further solidifies its position as a leader in scientific innovation and discovery.

“This centre will focus on studying the impact of sports on human health, performance enhancement, injury prevention, and rehabilitation techniques because our focus as the ministry is to promote health and nutrition diseases as well as solving the anti-doping crisis which has affected sports in the Country,” says Nakhumicha.

Governor Jonathan Bii said that the centre will look at Sports medicine, nutrition and the use of supplements among the athletes therefore the establishment of the Sports Science Research Centre at the Kemri Eldoret Branch is a significant development for sports medicine in Kenya.

He said that the centre will not only provide valuable insights into the impact of sports on human health but will also contribute to the development of innovative techniques for performance enhancement and prevention.

The Principal Secretary for the State Department of Performance Management and Service Delivery Ms Anne Wang’ombe emphasized the importance of performance management noting that there is a need to entrench it within the organisations.

The emphasis on efficient performance management will ensure that the centre operates at its highest capacity and delivers impactful results.

On his part, Health Services Executive Dr Sam Kotut noted the need to enhance emphasis on performance management within the centre’s operations that ensure that research efforts are optimized and yield meaningful outcomes