Chief Officer for Public Service Management Mr. Ambrose Tarus and his Devolution counterpart, Mr. Mark Some, conducted an interactive meeting with the inspectorate officers.

The meeting focused on imparting valuable insights about leading a positive life, upholding a strong code of conduct, and nurturing discipline within their roles. Diligence at next week’s Devolution Conference was also the agenda.

“You should work with professionalism and maintain a positive outlook in the call of duty and during challenges.

CO Tarus’s words resonated deeply with the inspectorate officers planting seeds of inspiration and determination.

Following Mr. Tarus’ address, Mr. Some stepped forward and addressed the assembled officers. Some emphasised the importance of adhering to a code of conduct that not only mirrors their professional obligations but also reflects the values that they, as public servants, should uphold.

Some’s insightful discourse touched on ethical decision-making and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the residents they serve.

Director of Inspectorate, Cosmas Kerich, on his part, urged the officers to apply the principles of positivity, code of conduct, and discipline in their daily endeavours.

Chief Officers Ambrose Tarus and Mark Some successfully ignited a spark of transformation, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of the inspectorate officers.

Director Protocol Musa Mutai and deputy director inspectorate Aurious Menjo were also present.