In enhancing its diagnostic capabilities in the County, the Department of Health Services in partnership with Elsmed has invested heavily in ensuring that the residents get the best and timely services with ease.

On Monday, Health Services Executive Dr Sam Kotut inspected the already delivered equipment that includes Dimension EXL 200 Fully automated biochemistry and immunoassay testing), ADVIA 560 5part differentials Full blood count, HBAIC Analyzer, Urine Analysis Analyzer, Water Deionizer, ADVIA 360 3part differentials full blood count

This cutting-edge technology will enable the hospital to provide accurate and efficient diagnostic services to its patients through the use of drones.

” The advanced equipment will allow the hospital to perform comprehensive blood tests, providing detailed information about the different types of blood cells present in a patient’s sample which will aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of various diseases and conditions,” says Dr Kotut.

Chief Officer for Promotive and Preventive Health Dr Joyce Sang urged the facility to install CCTV cameras to enhance the operations security since the facility is placed in the peri-urban set-up.