In a decisive move towards enhancing transparency, accountability, and effective governance, the County Government of Uasin Gishu on Thursday commenced a two-day training session aimed to equip 19 champions drawn from various departments with knowledge and expertise in performance contracting.

Spearheaded by speakers, Henry Owati and Michael Ngugi, the training session placed paramount importance on government performance management, ensuring that the champions comprehended the fundamental principles that underpin the critical aspect of public administration.

The participants were thoroughly trained in the latest 2023 performance contract guidelines, providing them with the tools necessary to create and execute performance contracts effectively.

Through interactive workshops and engaging presentations, the champions gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of formulating government performance contracts, which will play a pivotal role in driving the County’s developmental agenda.

The primary objective of the training was to develop a comprehensive performance contract for both the Governor and the County Executive Committee Members (CECMs), a significant stride in ensuring that the County’s vision for progress permeates through every level of the government.

Once established, the performance contracts will cascade down to all County staff through performance appraisals, fostering a culture of excellence, accountability, and efficiency throughout the administration.

By instilling a results-oriented approach, Uasin Gishu County sets itself on a path to not only meet but surpass its developmental targets, while empowering its workforce to deliver tangible and transformative outcomes for its citizens.

With the knowledge and skills gained from the training, Uasin Gishu County is set to embark on a journey of remarkable growth, promising to set a commendable example for other regions in Kenya. The government’s dedication to nurturing a high-performing and accountable administration bodes well for the future of Uasin Gishu, as its leaders and workforce stand united to realize a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow