County Executive Committee Member for Trade, Industrialization, Tourism, Cooperatives and Enterprise Development Martha Cheruto on Friday together with other trade officers visited Afrifine which is a prominent furniture production company that is showcasing the county’s commitment to fostering growth in the timber industry.

The visit aimed at exploring avenues for locals and Cooperative societies such as the Olendu Elders Co-op to enhance the value of their timber products through value addition.

Cheruto emphasized the significance of forging a strong partnership between the county and Afrifine proposing comprehensive training programs for residents involved in the timber industry, focusing on value addition techniques through capacity building, sensitization initiatives, and exhibitions.

“By imparting knowledge and skills, as the county government we envision empowering our citizens to transform raw materials into finished goods, opening doors to new economic opportunities” she added.

The CECM underscored the importance of nurturing young talent in the timber sector. She advocated for vocational training students to be granted attachments and opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field.

The county is fostering a culture of industriousness and encouraging the transformation of raw materials into high-quality products, the county seeks to unlock the full potential of its timber industry. As part of these efforts, a one-day session with skilled fundis and painters was proposed to further educate and instil value addition practices in the sector.

Afrifine, a company renowned for its excellence in furniture production, has been a source of inspiration for the county’s endeavour. With their expertise in adding value to raw timber, they exemplify the possibilities that lie ahead for Uasin Gishu timber industry.

Uasin Gishu is on a trajectory to become a shining example of sustainable growth, economic prosperity and collaboration between government and private enterprises through investing in the potential of its people and resources, making the timber sector a cornerstone of its economy.