Preparations for the upcoming devolution conference are in full swing as various departments in the County are working diligently to organize a successful event.

The Department of Roads and Infrastructure Development has made significant progress in repairing and maintaining the roads leading to Eldoret Sports Club – the conference’s main venue.

Streetlights have been installed to improve visibility and enhance security. The Exhibition area has also been segregated from the parking area for convenience and ease of access.

The Department of Water has been focused on providing an adequate and uninterrupted supply of clean water. Back-up tanks have been erected to ensure sufficient water throughout the event. Litter bins have been placed throughout the area for cleanliness.

The Department of Health has focused on emergency preparedness. This includes coordinating with the ambulance and fire brigade services, setting up an emergency unit, and ensuring the availability of necessary medical supplies and equipment.

Health and disaster preparedness teams are focusing on maintaining proper hygiene at the venue, especially for all the service providers involved in the event. They are committed to adhering to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation to ensure the health and safety of everyone attending the conference.

The Department of Administration and Coordination is collaborating closely with the National Administration to provide security and traffic management during the conference. They are also responsible for coordinating all conference activities and ensuring efficient crowd management.

Overall, the preparations for the devolution conference are well underway, and all the departments involved are dedicated to ensuring a successful and impactful event.