In a bid to ensure seamless healthcare services during the Devolution Conference, Director of Health Services, Dr.Evans Kiprotich, has engaged various hospitals to strategise and plan for the event to ensure the smooth operation of healthcare services during the conference.

Dr Kiprotich noted that health services should ensure uninterrupted healthcare services during the devolution conference.

“Engaging with various hospitals is a crucial step in strategizing and planning for such an event, by involving hospitals in the process, the committee can gather valuable input and expertise from healthcare professionals who are directly involved in delivering services, “said Kiprotich.

The discussions between the committee and the hospitals focused on several important aspects including, capacity planning, and determining if any additional resources or personnel are required to handle the potential increase in healthcare demands during the conference.

Emergency preparedness was also discussed and developing contingency plans to address any unforeseen medical emergencies or situations that may arise during the conference.

This could involve coordination with emergency response teams, ambulances, and other healthcare providers.

Other key aspects included Staffing arrangements, ensuring that an adequate number of healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, are available to provide care throughout the conference.

Medical supplies and equipment were also discussed in order to evaluate the availability of essential medical supplies, medications, and equipment to meet the increased demand during the conference.

Identifying any potential shortages and taking steps to address them in advance.

By engaging in these talks, the Committee of Health Services aims to ensure that healthcare services run smoothly during the devolution conference, providing attendees with access to quality care when needed