Education is an equalizer, with hard work, the right attitude and discipline being light along a healthy path to success.

Excellence in academics and scaling the heights of education ensures that there is an equilibrium. Sons and daughters of the rich and the poor can dine and wine at the same table through excellence.

Speaking during a motivational talk at Tuiyoluk Primary on Thursday, Director of Youth Affairs, Peter Ruto, said the right attitude keeps one focused on the academic goals in life.

“When you are in school, attitude towards teachers and towards your goal matters a lot,” said Ruto.

“If you have the right attitude to yourself that you can score 380 marks and above, believing in yourself is the right attitude and will get you there,” added the Director.

Reverend Geoffrey Bartikol, an alumnus of the institution, urged the learners to have a correct peer group.

“Ensure that your best friend is one that shares the same vision with you, a friend who has the determination to work hard and become a doctor, or a surgeon, a lawyer, a pilot or a teacher and all other good visions of life,” said Rev Bartilol.

A tree-planting exercise was also done to inculcate a culture of environmental conservation. At least 100 tree seedlings were donated to the school.