The county Government of Uasin Gishu in collaboration with the national potato company, on Tuesday held a potato field day at Sumbeiywo in Kaptagat ward, Ainabkoi Sub-County. The event brought together farmers, agro-dealers, fertilizer companies, and certified seed companies.

The main objective of the field day was to showcase the latest advancements in potato farming and provide an opportunity for farmers to interact with experts in the field. The event aimed to educate farmers about modern farming techniques, the use of high-quality seeds, and the importance of using good fertilisers.

The Director of Agriculture, Reuben Seroney, was present at the event, along with SDSP project coordinator, Mr. Peter Shitoka and Ainabkoi Sub-County Agricultural Officer Scola Odhiambo

Their presence highlighted the County government’s commitment to promoting agriculture and supporting farmers in the region.

Mr. Seroney said that the County Government has been making concerted efforts to revitalize and enhance the profitability of potato farming in Uasin Gishu.

According to Seroney Potato farming has traditionally been a vital source of income for many small-scale farmers in Ainabkoi Sub-County and Tarakwa Ward.

He said that the industry has faced various challenges that have hindered the sector’s growth potential and hampered the profitability of potato farming for many farmers.

These challenges include; declining yields, limited access to markets, lack of modern farming techniques, and inadequate infrastructure

Recognizing the importance of revitalizing this crucial sector, the Uasin Gishu County Government has taken proactive steps to address these by introducing modern farming techniques, developing critical infrastructure by constructing and maintenance of rural roads to facilitate efficient transportation, reducing post-harvest losses, construction of storage facilities, providing improved seeds varieties to farmers among others.

Seroney said that the County is poised to regain its position as a thriving hub for potato production, benefiting both farmers and the local economy.