The County Department of Health Services on Thursday held a meeting with the facilities in charge to discuss ways of improving the quality of healthcare services by enhancing the capacity of healthcare workers as well as the need to improve the infrastructure of health facilities.

Speaking during the meeting, Health Services Executive Dr Sam Kotut emphasized the importance of teamwork and collaboration among the managers to ensure that the department achieves its goals and objectives.

“Let’s work closely with other stakeholders, including the national government, development partners pl land the private sector to improve the health sector in our county by giving out residents the best services ever,” says Dr Kotut

The Departmental head further noted that the meeting comes at a time when the County Government is working towards achieving universal healthcare coverage for its residents, this being championed by the health sector by incorporating various programs aimed at improving healthcare services in the county.

Dr. Kotut also expressed his satisfaction with the discussions and the commitment shown by the managers to improve health services in the county.

“I want to encourage our residents to take advantage of the improved services and to seek medical attention whenever they need it because we have the best facilities within their reach,” adds Dr Kotut.

On her part, Chief Officer for Promotive and Preventive Health Mrs Joyce Sang said that the County Government of Uasin Gishu is committed to improving the health sector by ensuring that all residents have access to quality healthcare services.

“The Department of health services will continue to work towards achieving this goal by implementing various initiatives and programs aimed at improving the health of the people of Uasin Gishu County,” said Sang.

The meeting was attended by senior managers from various sections of the health sector, including hospital administrators, clinical officers, public health, nursing services, and health promotion.