Uasin Gishu Governor Jonathan Bii, together with his Deputy Eng. John Barorot, convened a meeting with top county officials to discuss on the progress of development.

The session brought together CECs, COs, Directors, and Ward Administrators, creating an environment to share the vision for the county’s progress.

Governor Bii emphasized the roles of leadership at the grassroots level. Recognizing that true change begins from the bottom going up, he urged the ward administrators to ensure that Uasin Gishu residents feel the impact of the government’s efforts in their daily lives.

Governor Bii focused on the implementation of the Nguzo kumi agendaβ€”an ambitious roadmap encompassing ten key pillars for Uasin Gishu County’s development. Highlighting the importance of unity and cooperation, he called upon the members of the executive to work harmoniously, leveraging their diverse expertise to drive progress across all sectors.

As the devolution conference looms closer, Governor Bii urged the County officials to collaborate seamlessly, utilizing this platform to showcase Uasin Gishu County’s achievements and further its goals.

With the event scheduled to take place from August 15th to 17th, he entrusted the ward administrators with disseminating information, ensuring that every resident is aware of the conference’s significance.

Eng. John Barorot echoing Governor Bii’s sentiments, stressed the criticality of Nguzo Kumi’s agendas for the development of the county.

Eng. Barorot underlined Nguzo Kumi’s transformative potential, providing a comprehensive framework for sustained progress and inclusive growth.

Additionally, he emphasized the importance of equitable distribution of the Project Development Fund among the County’s 30 wards, ensuring that each locality benefits from the resources.

The session culminated in Governor Bii’s encouragement of all members of the executive to recognize their responsibilities and foster a culture of teamwork.

Governor Jonathan Bii’s administration and unwavering commitment to grassroots development have positioned Uasin Gishu County on a path of transformation.

With the foundation laid for a united and motivated team, and the upcoming devolution conference providing a platform for showcasing their achievements